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However strange it might be, neither the European Union nor Russia shows a special desire to seriously treat Ukraine’s initiatives to hold trilateral negotiations directed at looking for the improvement of economic relations. However, Vladimir Putin has recently stated that Moscow is ready for such negotiations but… only until Ukraine makes the decision to sign… » read more

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Lessons of soberness

While Ukrainian politicians and experts analyze the reasons of the failure of the unscheduled session of the Verkhovna Rada on November 13, sober estimations of the current situation have unexpectedly begun to appear in Europe. Although with reference to anonymous sources in diplomatic circles. Let us recall that the law on the possibility of Yuliya… » read more

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The solution of the main problem on the way to signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union – the so-called “selective justice” or “Yuliya Tymoshenko’s question” is accompanied by not completely logical messages and appeals on the side of the European partners of Ukraine. And also, the discrepancy between these messages and appeals… » read more

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