Valeriy Kucheruk on Ukraine

In Ukraine there continue to get inflamed virtual passions around the notorious “Yuliya Tymoshenko’s question” without the solution of which, obviously, the Association Agreement with the EU during the Vilnius summit won’t be signed. Headlines of local newspapers and web-sites dazzle with messages like “How to get rid of Yulia? ” Politicians of both antagonistic parties accuse each other of almost treachery of the Homeland and behind-the-scenes games with the Satan (and this is Putin in present Ukrainian realities). And venerable political experts and simple people in public transport give advice to the authorities: how to resolve this damn issue.

The MEP Marek Siwiec poured oil on flames claiming in his blog recently there is a new version of the compromise allegedly coordinated by Cox, Kwasniewski and Yanukovych. According to him, Europe suggested to apply “partial pardon” to Yuliya Tymoshenko when the former prime minister would receive freedom, but would have to pay a 200 million dollars fine and would lose civil rights for 3 years. “Partial pardon means reduction of her sentence of imprisonment from seven years to the half. And because she has already served over a half of the reduced term in jail, there are bases for her conditional early release, – said the MEP. – At the same time, Tymoshenko would pay a 200 million dollars fine and would be deprived of civil rights for 3 years”. In his opinion, as any compromise solution, this one has got drawbacks, but it looks like the only one possible. As he said, the offered option corresponds to the expression “both the wolves have eaten much and the sheep have not been touched”.

It should be noted that the option suggested by Mr. Siwiec has got a row of legal and, so to say, values-related discrepancies which can become the subject of another article. Although now, we can recall some of them, for example: according to the Ukrainian legislation, only court can make the decision on reduction of a sentence. And if the option voiced earlier is true, it turns out that representatives of Europe agreed about the court decision with Viktor Yanukovych? Nobody has forgotten that exactly “selective justice” is the main accusation of Europeans towards the Ukrainian authorities? That is, what Europeans suggest is to solve “problems of selective justice” by means of selective justice, this is how it should be understood?

Anyways, revelations of mister Siwiec threw Ukrainian politicians into gloomy shock and they once again started untwisting a rusty flywheel of mutual recriminations. For example, the defender of Tymoshenko Sergey Vlasenko called words of the MEP absurd ones and hinted that they were inspired by members of the Party of Regions (whose honorable president is Yanukovych). “Marek Siwiec’s figure is very contradictory…, – said the defender. – He is in the group of socialists who are political partners of the Party of Regions. This is artificially imagined absurd thesis which has nothing to do with Cox – Kwasniewski report”. Opponents of Vlasenko didn’t stay in debt, having accused him of prejudice, and his client – of already not knowing what she wants, because of what all the country supposedly suffers.

But the real surprise to all the interested (and there are a lot of such people inside and outside of our country) was presented by that same Viktor Yanukovych who has declared recently that he is ready to sign all laws directed at granting opportunity to be treated in the German clinic to Tymoshenko (let’s note behind the brackets that before this we never observed him having such a desire). “Now political forces present in the parliament have prepared the draft law which will allow to solve this problem, – Yanukovych said. – Today in Ukraine there is no such a law which would allow Tymoshenko to go abroad. As soon as this issue in the parliament is resolved, and this law lays down on the table before me, then there will be a question to the president. Naturally, if the parliament adopts this law, I will sign it”.

Despite the fact that representatives of the opposition have already called these words “passing of work on someone else’s shoulders”, I have a suspicion that soon Tymoshenko’s issue will be resolved through the adoption of the similar law. And, after mutual recriminations and damnations, it will be adopted by the constitutional majority of the Verkhovna Rada.

However, after that the expression quoted by Siwiec “both the wolves have eaten much and the sheep have not been touched” will sparkle with new colors and will start to sound a little bit in a different way: “both the sheep have eaten much and the wolves have not been touched”. Who are the wolves and who are the sheep here – think yourself …


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