Valeriy Kucheruk on Ukraine

There are some steps left to be done for the successful signing of the Association Agreement. In particular, President Viktor Yanukovych persuades that legislation on public prosecution and elections needs to be adopted and also the “issue of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko” needs to be solved. Mr Yanukovych also reminded that the Cox-Kwasniewsky Mission is working on the Tymoshenko case.

“The Mission is now working and it is very important. There was an impression before that we did not want to do something. Today there is a common view on many issues. Whatever it is will become clear when we sum up the results of the Mission’s work approaching the Council of Ministers session which will take place on November 21”.

If the legislative provision is pretty much clear, there are several questions about the so called “Tymoshenko issue”.

The first one: how sincere are those politicians who claim that the AA will be signed only in case of Ms Tymoshenko’s trip to Germany? Is it so for real? How sincere is Viktor Yanukovych when he says that the Tymoshenko issue will be solved?

The second one: how sincere are the Ukrainian opposition leaders – Vitaliy Klitschko, Arseniy Yatseniuk and Oleh Tiahnybok – demanding the immediate release of the ex-prime-minister with a possibility of her participation in the presidential elections? It is no secret for anyone in Ukraine that if Ms Tymoshenko is free she will terminate the political ambitions of Arseniy Yatseniuk (who actually is in charge of her party) and she will strongly influence Klitschko’s rating. I believe that in fact these politicians could put up with Tymoshenko’s staying in prison or her trip to Germany without any possibility of participating in the presidential race. And loud statements and demands to release Tymoshenko – are merely slogans aimed at attracting the remains of the ex-premier electorate.

And the third: what does Yulia Tymoshenko really want herself? Over the last period of time contradictory information has been coming from her milieu. Some of her supporters insist on her full and unconditional rehabilitation. And some want her to be sent for treatment. Ms Tymoshenko obviously understands that the first option under the current circumstances is impossible and the second, most likely, does not suit her. But does she understand that there is a third option – when her issue is never solved at all and she will have to spend the whole sentence in prison? And does she realize that the fate of 46 million people depend on her answers? We’ll learn the answers to these questions in the next few days.


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